WTF Fun Fact 13500 – The Career Change of Ruggero Freddi 

Ruggero Freddi started his career as an adult film actor, primarily under the pseudonym “Carlo Masi.” The Italian native became a prominent figure in the industry, amassing a significant following during his active years.

Ruggero Freddi Shifts to Mathematics

While many knew Freddi for his on-screen persona, few were aware of his underlying passion for mathematics. Before his adult film career, Freddi had graduated with a degree in Mathematics. The allure of the film industry might have taken him away temporarily, but his love for numbers and equations never truly faded.

As years passed, Freddi started feeling the pull of his academic roots. He decided to leave the adult entertainment industry and return to his original passion.

Freddi took up a position at Rome’s prestigious La Sapienza University, teaching advanced mathematics. He was excited about this new chapter, ready to contribute to the academic community with the same dedication he’d shown in his previous career. But when his past as a gay porn actor came to the forefront, it triggered a wave of controversy.

Termination and Lawsuit

Several parents of students at the university were not thrilled about Freddi’s past and questioned whether he should be allowed to teach. This culminated in the termination of his contract, an act that Freddi believed was solely due to his past in the adult film industry.

Freddi decided to take legal action. He sued the university for wrongful termination, citing discrimination based on his past career in the gay adult film industry. The lawsuit emphasized the importance of assessing an individual’s professional competencies rather than focusing on unrelated past endeavors.

The public reaction was mixed. While many rallied behind Freddi, recognizing his right to move on from past career choices. But others were more judgmental. This incident opened up broader discussions in Italy about stigmatization, privacy, and the rights of individuals to evolve beyond their past.

Freddi’s case highlighted the lingering biases and prejudices present in certain segments of society and underscored the need for greater acceptance and understanding.

While Freddi won his lawsuit, he got just a few thousand dollars in compensation, and his future in academia remains unclear.

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Source: “I Went From Being A Porn Star to University Lecturer” — VICE

WTF Fun Fact 12787 – Debbie Stevens’ Kidney Chaos

Debbie Stevens’ kidney donation didn’t end in the most heartwarming way. However, many of the memes about her story you may see online don’t tell the whole story.

Stevens offers a kidney

Snopes (cited below) scoped out the whole story and found that shortened versions of the story are “mostly true,” however. She did donate a kidney to save her boss, and she was fired afterward.

It all started when the Long Island Atlantic Automotive Group employee heard her boss, Jacqueline Brucia, was unwell in October 2010. The two had a conversation about it and Stevens offered Brucia her kidney, to which she allegedly replied “you never know, I may have to take you up on that offer one day.”

In January 2011, Brucia followed up on the offer. However, the pair was not a match. Stevens didn’t donate her kidney directly to her boss, but she is the reason her boss found a match. As Snopes explains: “she agreed to donate it to a stranger in St. Louis, Missouri, setting up a transplant chain that enabled Brucia to receive a better-matched kidney from a donor in San Francisco.”

Debbie Stevens’ kidney complications

Stevens’ surgery took place on Aug. 10, 2011, and resulted in complications that made it difficult for her to return to her old job and perform all of the tasks she once did, such as lifting heavy objects.

According to Snopes’ investigation of the lawsuit and settlement: “When she returned to work in September (under pressure from Brucia, she alleged) she was treated curtly by Brucia, who allegedly refused to provide accommodations for these and other medical issues. Brucia is alleged to have ignored, for example, a doctor’s order that she not lift heavy objects, and she required Stevens to get permission before using the restroom. Allegedly in response to complaints Stevens made regarding harassment from Brucia, the company’s management transferred her to another dealership, where she was, her lawyer argued, similarly denied accommodations and put in a position for which she was less qualified. Atlantic Automotive Group fired Stevens for ‘performance issues’ just a few weeks after her lawyer sent a complaint to the company in March 2012. Following several depositions and rounds of discovery, both parties agreed to settle on Sept. 30, 2014.”

Legal jeopardy

While we will never know the real reason Stevens was fired, she did have enough of a case to sue her employer under the federal American Disabilities Act (ADA).

But, in the end, they settled, and Atlantic Automotive Group did not have to publicly address the reasons behind the termination. They did, however, have to pay up.  WTF fun facts

Source: “Did a Woman Get Fired After Donating a Kidney on Her Boss’ Behalf?” — Snopes

WTF Fun Fact 12716 – Insurance Pays For Man’s Dishonesty

We’re not even sure where to begin here. But one thing is for sure – if you know you have a sexually transmitted infection, that’s something you tell your partner.

Of course, we’re not sure a Missouri man has learned his lesson after failing to tell his girlfriend he had human papillomavirus (HPV), an STD that can cause cervical and other types of cancers. That’s because it’s his car insurance company, GEICO, who will be paying the $5.2 million in damages for his transgression.

We’ll let Yahoo News explain:

“According to court papers, the woman, identified in court records only as M.O., notified GEICO in February 2021 of her intention to seek monetary damages, alleging she contracted HPV, the human papillomavirus, from an insured member in his automobile. She contended the man caused her to be infected with the STD despite being aware of his condition and the risks of unprotected sex. The insurance company declined the settlement, sending the case to arbitration.”

Of course, GEICO appealed the verdict, but the Missouri Court of Appeals just upheld the settlement and their liability.

“In an opinion issued Tuesday, a three-judge panel found that the judgment entered against GEICO General Insurance Company through earlier arbitration proceedings was valid. The insurance companies sought to undo the action, claiming errors were made in Jackson County Circuit Court and the settlement agreement was not done in line with Missouri law,” writes Yahoo News.

The verdict was first handed down in May 2021, when an arbitrator found that “the man and woman had sex inside his vehicle that ‘directly caused, or directly contributed to cause’ the HPV infection. The man was found liable for not disclosing his infection status and the woman was awarded $5.2 million for damages and injuries to be paid by GEICO.”

The appeals court simply found that GEICO had no legal standing to try to relitigate the case. — WTF fun facts

Source: “Jackson County woman says she caught STD in car. Auto insurance to pay out $5.2 million” — Yahoo News